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  • HP Printer Setup

    Get all your jobs done instantly and effortlessly with the aid of HP printers. Gone are the days, where you go around rummaging to get a hard-copy paper print for your documents. HP printers are absolutely a clear source to hit your work target at best quality.



    • For the initial setup, you are required to connect your printer to your computer / laptop using a wired connection or using a wireless connection
    • Once the setup and installation are complete, make sure the printer’s ink cartridges are carefully inserted into the device
    • Our website has several explanatory articles and videos with regard to this and you may refer them for assistance

    Setup Steps

    Preliminary Setup
    • In the first place, for the initial 123.hp.com/setup, remove the covering and other wrappings around the printer and its accessories
    • Next, to turn on the printer, use the power cord from the original package and connect the small end to the printer port and adapter to the wall port
    • After a firm connection, press the power button, which is nearby the control panel
    • Access the control panel options and at first, adjust the language, location and date settings in the printer
    Secondary setup

    Following are requirements to take your print output for the document,

    • A computer
    • Printer driver CD/driver file from HP site
    • Wi-Fi internet source
    • Wi-Fi credentials to sign in
    • Connect the printer and computer to the same internet network

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